Norwegian Mackerel


Mackerel is sold both fresh and frozen, filleted and whole. A lot of products are made from mackerel, including hot smoked, cold smoked and pepper smoked mackerel, as well as a number of variants of hermetically sealed and sliced mackerel in tomato. Fresh mackerel can be fried, boiled or grilled, and it is suitable for curing. Fried mackerel in a creamy sauce is a well known delicacy.

The fish
Mackerel is a fast-swimming fish which occurs in the summer and autumn in large shoals along the coast and out in the Skagerrak, the North Sea and the South Norwegian Sea. They can be up to 20 years old, and the live mainly on small fish such as young cod, herring and sprats.

Mackerel matures sexually at the age of about three or four years. Towards the end of the year, the sexually mature mackerel migrate towards the spawning area west and south-west of Ireland, where spawning starts in March.

Catching and fishing equipment
Fishing takes place mainly over the summer. The participating vessels vary, from boats using nets and trolling lines on the coast to large, seagoing boats using purse seine nets. Norwegian fishing vessels land between 140 000 and 160 000 tonnes of mackerel in Norway each year.

Nutritional value
Mackerel has a low fat content (approx. 3 %), in spring, while autumn mackerel may contain up to 30 % fat and hence large quantities of omega 3 fatty acids. It is also a good source of vitamins D and B12. For more nutritional data, see www.nifes.no/sjomatdata.

Mackerel From Norway

Nutrition facts

Nutritional value per 100 g of boneless mackerel

Energy: 891 kJ or 213 kcal

Nutrients (g): Protein: 17.6

Fat: 16 Of which saturated fat: 3.5 Monounsaturated fat: 6.5 Polyunsaturated fat: 4.4 Of which Omega 3 (n-3): 2.9 Omega 6 (n-6): 0.5 Cholesterol: 75 mg

Carbohydrates: 0

Vitamins: Thiamine: 0.15 mg Riboflavin: 0.33 mg Niacin: 11.3 mg B6: 0.7 mg Folate: 1 μg B12: 5.5 μg A: 40 μg D: 3.9 μg E: 1.3 mg

Minerals: Calcium: 28 mg Phosphorus: 305 mg Iron: 1.2 mg Magnesium: 28 mg Potassium: 255 mg Zinc: 0.4 mg Selenium: 25 μg

Where found:
The Skagerrak, the North Sea and the southerly Norwegian Sea
Up to 66 cm and 3 kg, rarely over 40 cm

In other words
Latin: Scomber scombrus
Norwegian: Makrell
French: Maquereau
German: Makrele