Origin Matters

From the Vikings to our fishermen today, Norway’s way of life has always been entwined with the sea. We’re extremely fortunate to live where we do, with such rich fish stocks right on our doorstep, and our people work extremely hard to ensure that our relationship with the sea continues to be a positive one.

When a product carries our Norge badge, you know that you can trust its origins. It represents our commitment to sustainable

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fishing, regulated catches and quality controls.

Norge - Origin

Discover Norway

Norway is surrounded by vast oceans and has built its culture around harnessing the natural resources to hand. Our location in northern Europe, close to the Barents sea and Norwegian Sea, means we have plentiful seafood stock to harvest from.

A way of life

Throughout history, Norwegians have lived in harmony with the sea. It’s a vital part of our lives, with our fishing heritage dating back to the Stone Age. Over the years we have refined our skills and practices to safeguard the future of our fisheries and our stocks.

The heart of our seafood industry

Our marine resources have provided a basis for our vibrant coastal communities, making fishing a key part of our livelihoods. It’s important then that our sustainable practices not only ensure the future and profitability of our fishing industry, but also its supporting sectors.

History Timeline

Norwegian Origin

Throughout history Norwegians have lived in harmony with the sea. We have harvested and sustained it to release its full potential, always working as holistically as possible.

Fishing communities have been the beating heart of Norway for thousands of years and the fishing tradition has been handed down from generation to generation. Our ancestors’ craftsmanship and knowledge lives on within us, while skills and practices have been refined over the years to ensure Norwegian cod is the very best quality.
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It is not known when the story of Norway’s fisheries started, but the Norwegian fisherman has existed as long as there has been life along the coast of Norway.

The coast has shaped the character of the Norwegian people. As many as 90 % of the inhabitants of this extended country with its rough weather conditions and long winters live on the coast, and for the fishermen their life has been a struggle between the weather and the humans.  As the Norwegians say, “The sea gives and the sea takes”. They have always had to struggle with the sea to reap its harvest.
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