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The Union Norge initiative is made possible thanks to
our partners, who are as dedicated as we are
when it comes to supplying you with
sustainable, quality seafood
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Salmon Fish | Norwegian Seafood - Seafood From Norway
Norwegian Seafood

India Director

“My goal is to establish a broader foundation between Norwegian exporters and Indian companies that can enhance delivery of seafood products from Norway to the Indian consumer”

– Yogi Shergill, Country Director
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Yogi Shergil
Seafood From Norway - Salmon
Salmon Fish Recipes - Seafood From Norway

Salmon Recipes

All of our favorite salmon fish recipes & cooking techniques from Seafood Norway. Roasted, poached, broiled, grilled & more.
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Global Ambassador

“Norwegian seafood is an important part of the diet that lets me perform at my very best. After I started eating seafood at least three times a week, I began to perform better, I rested better and I stayed healthier. And Salmon is one of my favourite types of fish!”
– Marit Bjørgen, The world’s greatest cross-country skier with eight Olympic gold medals

Marit Bjørgen