Seafood From Norway

The Union Norge initiative is made possible thanks to
our partners, who are as dedicated as we are
when it comes to supplying you with
sustainable, quality seafood
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Salmon Fish | Norwegian Seafood - Seafood From Norway
Norwegian Seafood


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“My goal is to establish a broader foundation between Norwegian exporters and Indian companies that can enhance delivery of seafood products from Norway to the Indian consumer”

– Yogi Shergill, Country Director
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Yogi Shergil
Seafood From Norway - Salmon
Salmon Fish Recipes - Seafood From Norway

Salmon Recipes

All of our favorite salmon fish recipes & cooking techniques from Seafood Norway. Roasted, poached, broiled, grilled & more.
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Global Ambassador

“Norwegian seafood is an important part of the diet that lets me perform at my very best. After I started eating seafood at least three times a week, I began to perform better, I rested better and I stayed healthier. And Salmon is one of my favourite types of fish!”
– Marit Bjørgen, The world’s greatest cross-country skier with

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Marit Bjørgen